Amazing acts for charity!

We were absolutely thrilled to receive the following email from one of our parents….
“We are writing you to let you know how proud we are of Zech Newton (age 10) West Felton School and Jamie Williams (age 14) St Martins school.
Both boys exceeded our expectations this summer so we felt it would be nice to share it with you as I know they are unlikely to mention it.
Jamie and Zech, decided in January this year they wanted to cycle the A489 from Oswestry to Rhaydaer, in an attempt to raise £1,000 for Hope House charity. A total of 58 miles!
They dedicated their free time to attended coffee mornings and fundraisers to help reach their target.
Numerous people commented on their exceptional manners and helpfulness as they served tea to senior citizens and children, they spoke about their bike ride challenge and surprised us in their ability to address each age and person appropriately.
On the day of the bike ride they were exceptionally mature and grown up.  They were meeting by a total of 5 papers including and radio Shropshire, and the major!
They were unfortunately thrown in at the deep end as none of us realised the publicity that they would generate.  They didn’t disappoint they handled it all exceptionally well.
The bike ride went well, it was a very busy road with a tremendous amount of traffic predominately caravans and HGV drivers. They were sensible and mature and followed instructions from the professional cyclists, better than most adults!
Then it got hard! At 48 miles they had two big hills left to go! Jamie coped exceptionally well and waited for Zech at the top of the first hill.
Zech made it up the hill and unfortunately had a little wobble! With only 10 more miles to go and one big hill, no one wanted them to quit. We agreed that if they needed to they could walk the last hill.
To our amazement Zech got back on his bike turned to the adults an announced, I agreed to cycle I will cycle, people have donated a lot of money!
Half way up the last hill Zech’s determination to reach the top was beginning to fade. Jamie had already made it to the top by this point.  Upon reaching the top Jamie turned around and went back down the hill to get Zech! They cycled to the top together and completed the 58 miles as a team.
For such young children I think you would agree they showed exceptional team work and dedication. They have wonderful manners and levels of maturity beyond their years!  A good proportion of which they will have learnt in their school environment. Thank you to both schools for helping our children to grow!
The boys have since been collecting all the sponsor ship money in and have managed to raise a total of £1,700.”
I’m sure you’ll agree this is an exceptionally challenging and generous thing to do and embodies all that we try to develop in our children. Really well done to both boys and the team who supported them so well!
The boys have a JustGiving Page “Zech and Jamies 55 Mile Bike Ride” should you wish to donate.

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