Sycamore Class Welcome

Welcome to Sycamore class!welcome to my class

We are Y5/6 pupils and we are taught by Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Morris and Mrs. Arthur.


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After our first half term together the children completed an anonymous questionnaire, it was really helpful to see what the children have enjoyed, what they haven’t enjoyed, what is helpful to them as learners and what isn’t.

What is helpful: 

  • Scribble book
  • Examples
  • Writing little notes
  • People helping me
  • Being able to just get on with it
  • Video clips
  • The ideas you give us
  • Having a worksheet you can scribble on
  • Using a laptop
  • Having someone to read the question to you
  • Working together with people you get on with
  • Being in partners
  • It is a quiet class
  • You can get help if you need it
  • Going through sums together
  • Watching clips
  • Being allowed to use colour for my numbers
  • Fraction cards
  • Discussions and role-play

What is not so helpful:

  • Having so many different ways to work out a sum
  • Spending too long talking at the beginning
  • A long queue if it’s just Mrs. Hughes

We’re currently working towards our SATS tests in May and we’re ready to show off everything that we have learnt over the last 7 years. Alongside the revision and the preparation; we’re still having plenty of fun across the curriculum.

We’ve got some great PE activities planned for our final term including rounders, cricket, running, athletics and swimming. Our history topic is ‘Crime and Punishment throughout the ages’ which is an interesting one.

Our Farmers Market will be hosted on Friday 29th June. Sycamore will be designing and making their very own BBQ sauce and we have expert relish creator – Sally Dingwall – will join us to prepare the sauce.

We’re half way through our current class novel – The London Eye Mystery which we will complete before starting Kensuke’s Kingdom in preparation for our Y6/7 transition unit. There is a great sequel to The London Eye Mystery called The Guggenheim Mystery by Robin Stevens should the children want to read on (it’s great!).





We continue to use materials from The White Rose Maths Hub who are one of 35 national Government funded hubs and work with hundreds of early years, primary and secondary schools across England to raise standards and inspire children and their teachers about the power of maths.  The National Curriculum Mathematics standards are blocked into units, for example, we will study Fractions for four weeks, where we aim to give all the children time to explore the concepts in more depth using a range of methods to suit all learners.

We are also excited to be participating the Maths Transition Unit with our feeder secondary school, The Corbet, Baschurch. Mrs. Jones visited us last year and outlined the task and we will start work on this project after SATS.

Our Art this term, as always, is based on the Millicent Kaye Art Competition organised by the Oswestry Rotary Club. This year the theme is ‘The Great War,’ we have a proven track-record in this competition and look forward to participating again.

Please find below several helpful downloads, please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs. Hughes should you need any further information.

welcome back letter

Year 5 and 6 words WF

Key stage 2 SATS timetable

Date Activity
Monday 14 May English grammar, punctuation and spelling papers 1 and 2
Tuesday 15 May English reading
Wednesday 16 May Mathematics papers 1 and 2
Thursday 17 May Mathematics paper 3

We will be working through Shropshire’s Sex and Relationship Education program. Please ask if you would like to view the materials we use. We recommend the following books to help support discussion.

Please keep up the reading at home…just a short burst as often as possible and a signature on the map!

We will continue with the usual homework expectations until SATS, when we will be working on our annual Speaking and Listening presentation. Details below:

Who would come for tea

Assessment Sheet

I can’t believe it is our final term together, I’ll keep you updated with plans for our fantastic leavers as soon as dates are confirmed.

Mrs. Hughes