Shanghai teachers visit our school

As you may be aware last term Mrs Marston went to Shanghai to watch Maths being taught.  This was part of her role as teacher for Shropshire maths hub.  Last week 2 teachers from Shanghai came to Shropshire to teach a series of maths lessons to classes in Shrewsbury.  Teachers from all over the county came to view these lessons and gain an insight into how lessons are structured and taught in China.  Mrs Marston has been helping the Chinese teachers acclimatise and plan their lessons, tricky when your first language is not English!

On Thursday Mrs Marston brought Chen and Manda to visit West Felton, to show them life in a small village school.  In assembly they told us about school in Shanghai and showed us a powerpoint of a typical school day.  It certainly was an eye opener.  They toured the school, enjoying the displays,  outdoor opportunities and creativeness of our curriculum.  Later on they looked in maths books and discussed work with children.  It was lovely to share experiences and compare our education systems.

We wish Chen and Manda a safe journey home and all the best in the future.

Xièxiè (thank you)

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