Our School Mission & Values

Our Federation Christian Values

Our definition of spirituality is underpinned by ‘human flourishing’ – a holistic child-centred approach in which we can all strive to reach our full potential both academically and spiritually.

Preparing for life in all its fullness

Our core Christian values are:


A passion for the pursuit of true wisdom; by developing confidence, delight and discipline in seeking it.


In God’s future for the world.


In the importance of relationships of love, compassion, generosity, truth-telling, forgiveness and gathering together as a community; across all barriers.


Through safeguarding and anti-bullying, through valuing all our children and through excellent SEN provision. Ensuring that children not do feel humiliated or lack in self-worth.

We strive to develop:

The belief that each person is blessed and is a blessing.

The importance of creativity; art, design, music, drama, dance, poetry, fiction and film.

A joy for our world through play and playfulness, wonder, amazement, fascination and delight.

A method of reconciliation; encouraging discussion of sensitive matters, providing strategies through which problems can be resolved.

A sense of glory and awe in God’s wonder and his image.


Our Mission

We will know and value each child and look for the best in them.
We will value and respect every member of the school community and everyone will be encouraged to take responsibility, to make a contribution and to achieve their full potential.
The core Christian values of trust, care, respect and courtesy will permeate every aspect of school life.
We will be an open, welcoming and progressive school who provides the best for every child.
We will have high expectations of ourselves and others.
The school will be at the heart of the local community.

Our Aims

We will ensure that every learner experiences success.
We will provide an inclusive environment in which all learners needs are recognised.
We will strive for excellence and ensure that teaching inspires, excites and celebrates the achievements and efforts of every child.
We will provide a broad and balanced curriculum that gives the children opportunities to make links, to make choices and take responsibility for their own learning.
Our Christian values and beliefs will encompass every member of our school community