Ofsted and Church Inspection Findings

On Monday 7th November 2011 we received ‘the call’ – Ofsted would arrive on
the 9th November for a 2 day visit, shortly afterwards the Church Inspectors
announced their arrival was imminent at the end of the autumn term.
What do Ofsted and the Church Inspectors do?
A team of inspectors arrive to rigorously inspect every aspect of the school;
they gather evidence from a variety of sources and compile a report which
becomes a public document.
The Church Inspector focuses on the distinctiveness and effectiveness of the
school as a Church of England school.
Schools are categorised into one of four sections: outstanding, good,
satisfactory or inadequate. In both 1999 and 2005, West Felton C of E Primary
School received satisfactory in their Ofsted reports and in 2009 – good.
What did Ofsted and the Church Inspectors find this time?
Ofsted reported that we are good, with outstanding features.
• The school has a family atmosphere where pupils feel welcome and cared for
• Standards of achievement are above the national average
• Excellent care, guidance and support ensure that all pupils are able
to learn and develop confidence 6
• Behaviour in and around the school is exemplary
• All lessons observed were at least good and some were outstanding
• Staff know and care deeply for all pupils
• With the able support of an enthusiastic, committed and very well-motivated
staff team the head teacher has identified, and rigorously and successfully
tackled areas requiring improvement.
The National Society Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools
reported that we are outstanding
• The nurturing ethos supports everyone associated with the school
• West Felton is an explicitly Christian school that is outstanding in the way it
lives the Christian values, which permeate all aspects of school life
• Pupils’ behaviour is outstanding. They are encouraged to be responsible
and to have a clear understanding of right and wrong
• The children’s spirituality is growing and impacting upon other aspects of
school life
• The head teachers influence and the support that is given through the West
Felton team creates effective cohesive links, evidenced by parental
questionnaires and the opinions gathered from all the stakeholders
• The families and community appreciate the work of this outstanding school
and the difference it is making to their lives and the lives of their children
We wanted to share our good news with the whole community, who contribute
no matter how large or small to our vibrant, successful and happy school.