We’re all going to the zoo…

At the mid-point of our science topic on Animals and their Habitats, we visited the amazing Chester Zoo. Sycamore & Oak class travelled together and soon arrived at this iconic zoo. Whilst Oak class headed for their workshop, we made our way to ‘The Islands.’

The Islands are Chester Zoo’s newest addition and house the Sumatran tigers, the honey bears, the painted dogs and many other beautiful creatures.

After lunch, we left The Islands and made our way through the cheetahs and lions to the bat cave. They were particularly active and a few us of experienced wings to the face!

We saw the penguins in their newly renovated home before heading to the jaguars and sloths via the chimps, the giraffes and the okapis.

We had a fantastic day and the children behaved impeccably – as always. Thank you Sycamore, it was a lovely end the half-term.

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